The Tour de France (English: Tour of France) is a bicycle race held in France every summer, which Paddington participated in with a tricycle. It passes through many towns, mountains, and villages, one of the villages it passes through being Sankaski.

Paddington in the RaceEdit

Paddington rents a tricycle and takes part in the Tour de France. He overpasses one racer who attempted to mess him up by putting water in his face, but Paddington accidentally let go of a Marmalade sandwich, and it got stuck in the opposing racer's chain. He crashes, and when all of the other competitors passed by some of them crashed. So Paddington is now in the lead while going down a steep hill in the town. He has an unexpected detour through Mr. Dupoint's bakery and he got flour all over him and all of the other racers pass him. After that, he rides into a fountain and "Mr. L'Bear" is praised by the villagers.