Windsor Gardens

  • [music is playing]
  • Paddington: [narrating] Dear Aunt Lucy, yesterday evening the Browns told me I would be attending my very first charity ball. All I needed to do was find something to wear. And of course, learn how to dance. [Paddington picks up a clothes rack and attempts to dance] It is easier said than done. [Paddington falls.]

Windsor Gardens - Master Bedroom

  • Mary Brown: Was that the door Harry?
  • Harry Brown: No Mary, that was Paddington. Only a bear would do the tango at half past six on a Saturday morning.
  • Mary Brown: Don't be cross with him, dear. He was having trouble with his terms last night. [Mr. Brown walks out of the room]
  • Harry Brown: And I'm having trouble with my sleep this morning!

Windsor Gardens - Paddington's Room

  • [Mr. Brown walks in]
  • Paddington: [hanging on the clothes rack] Yes? Good morning Mr. Brown! Dancing is harder than it looks. My legs keep getting tangled up.
  • Harry Brown: Yes, hm. I see what you mean, Paddington. [gets Paddington off of the rack]
  • Paddington: I think I better ask Mr. Gruber for some help.
  • Harry Brown: That's a very good idea.

Gruber's Antiques

  • Paddington: [narrating] Over the years Mr. Gruber has advised me on lots of topics. And I was sure he would be able to offer a word or two on the subject of dancing. [Paddington looks in the window, Mr. Gruber is working] [walks in]
  • Paddington: I didn't know you could dance, Mr. Gruber!
  • Mr. Gruber: Everyone is doing it, Mr. Brown. Why, anyone who is anyone is going to tonight's ballroom.
  • Paddington: I'm afraid they don't have many ballrooms in Darkest, Peru, Mr. Gruber. So I don't know how to d-d-d-dance! [falls]

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