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Millicent Clyde is the main antagonist of the 2015 Film Paddington.

She is a taxidermist who wishes to stuff Paddington. Upon learning that Paddington is temporarily residing with the Brown family, Millicent conspires with their neighbor Mr. Curry to capture Paddington. The first attempt was a failure, though this result half of the Brown's house to be burned. Upon seeing that the Browns won't believe his side of the story, Paddington leaves to find Montgomery Clyde himself. When he already locates the explorer's house, he soon learns of the explorer's death and that Millicent was his daughter. Expecting his arrival, Millicent tranquilizes Paddington and brings him to the museum, and prepares to have him stuffed.

Motivation - black and white scenes: She was bitter towards her father Montgomery for losing his job and membership with the museum because out of a change of heart, he had refused to bring a valuable Peruvian bear specimen home, even though it would have made his family wealthy. Millicent was determined to succeed where her father failed and capture a Peruvian bear so she can become rich and famous herself. The Browns were able to help Paddington escape her.

At the end of the film ... ..Warning, go to the Spoiler-Page: .... (page with further informations)

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  • She is played by Nicole Kidman.
  • Mr. Curry had a former crush on Millicent until he learned of her intentions with Paddington and alerted the Browns.

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