A Day by the SeaA Day to RememberA Disappearing Trick
A House-TrainingA Most Unusual CeremonyA Picnic on the River
A Spot of DecoratingA Spot of FishingA Sticky Time
A Stitch in TimeA Visit to the BankA Visit to the Hospital
A Visit to the Hospital/ScriptA Visit to the TheatreAdmiral Grundy
Adventure at the SeasideAnchors AwayApril Fools
Aunt LucyBear's Job WeekBen Whishaw
Bonhomme PaddingtonCity WikiCopybear
Dare Devil BearDavid russellDrive Bear Drive
Everything Comes to Those Who WaitGoings on at Number Thirty-TwoGold Rush Paddington
Howdy PaddingtonIn and out of TroubleJonathan Brown
Judy BrownMarmaladeMillicent
Montgomery ClydeMr. BrownMr. Curry
Mr. Curry's Birthday BashMr. Curry Lets off SteamMr. Dupoint
Mr. GruberMr. Gruber's Mystery TourMr. L'Bear
Mrs Mary BrownMrs birdOld Master Paddington
OpadocalitisPaddington's DinosaursPaddington's First Flight
Paddington's PuzzlePaddington: The World Mystery TourPaddington (1975 TV series)
Paddington (bear)Paddington (film)Paddington 2
Paddington 3Paddington And The Stately HomePaddington Bear's Channel
Paddington Bear WikiPaddington Breaks the PeacePaddington Brown
Paddington Buys a SharePaddington Calls the ShotsPaddington Cleans Up
Paddington Clocks InPaddington Delivers the GoodsPaddington Dines Out
Paddington Gets a RaisePaddington Goes ShoppingPaddington Goes Underground
Paddington Goes to CourtPaddington Hits OutPaddington Hits the Jackpot
Paddington Keeps FitPaddington Makes a Clean SweepPaddington Passes Through
Paddington PreparesPaddington RecommendedPaddington Saves the Day
Paddington Steps OutPaddington Strikes a BargainPaddington Takes Off
Paddington Takes a CutPaddington Takes to the RoadPaddington Takes to the Road/Script
Paddington Turns DetectivePaddington and "Do it Yourself"Paddington and the Cold Snap
Paddington and the Dead SeaPaddington and the Loch Ness MonsterPaddington and the Pardon
Paddington and the Pyramid SellingPaddington and the YetiPaddington at Wimbledon
Paddington at the OlympicsPaddington at the Stone GardenPaddington at the Wheel
Paddington gets his Money's WorthPaddington goes SwissPaddington goes to Hollywood
Paddington goes to SchoolPaddington goes to WashingtonPaddington goes to the Dentist
Paddington in AlaskaPaddington in SpainPaddington in Touch
Paddington in a HolePaddington in the GalapagosPaddington in the Park
Paddington in the RingPaddington the HostPaddington the Rock Star
Paddington the SurveyorPaddington the Tour GuidePaddinton goes to the Dentist
Pantomime TimePiratesPrivate Paddington
Ranger PaddingtonRiding HighSankaski, France
Seeing is BelievingSir PaddingtonSony Pictures Home Entertainment
StudioCanalSuperstitious PaddingtonThe Adventures of Paddington Bear
The Amazing PaddingtonThe Case of the Doubtful DummyThe Finishing Touch
The Great EscapeThe Greatest Paddington on EarthThe Last Dance
The Last Dance/ScriptThe Opal of My EyeThe Paddington Files
The Royal TourThe Spy who Loved MarmaladeThe Treasure Hunt
The Very Best of Paddington BearToo Much off the TopTour de France
Trouble at Number Thirty-TwoTrouble at the LaunderetteTrouble in the Bargain Basement
Uncle PastuzoUrsus FamilyWhat's Going on at Number 32?
File:1x2.pngFile:23A8707900000578-0-image-18 1417518146652.jpgFile:2751490-paddington.jpg
File:29906170001 3985153795001 usat249cf27a-ded9-4081-9c31-9e7606090ac4-vs.jpgFile:8055526743 3c8512c2e1 o.jpgFile:A Visit to the Bank.png
File:A Visit to the Hospital.pngFile:A spot of fishing.pngFile:Admiral Grundy.png
File:Channel cbbc-1-.jpgFile:Channel cbbc.pngFile:Citv-logo-1-.gif
File:Du'Pon 2.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:Gruber's Antiques.pngFile:Gruber's Antiques Inside.pngFile:Image.jpg
File:Img 0864.jpgFile:Interviews benwhishaw.jpgFile:J&j.JPG
File:Jar of Marmalade.pngFile:Johnathan.jpegFile:Marmalade.png
File:Marmalade Sandwich.pngFile:Marmalade Sandwich 2.pngFile:Mr. Gruber.png
File:NErbRWbsz1xOuA 1 a.jpgFile:P albyumover.jpgFile:Pad26.jpg
File:Paddington's Duffle Coat.pngFile:Paddington's Hat.pngFile:Paddington's Suitcase.png
File:Paddington.pngFile:Paddington (2014) - Teaser for Paddington, United KingdomFile:Paddington 10.png
File:Paddington 11.pngFile:Paddington 12.pngFile:Paddington 13.png
File:Paddington 14.pngFile:Paddington 1970s.jpgFile:Paddington 2.png
File:Paddington 2 Poster.jpgFile:Paddington 3.pngFile:Paddington 4.png
File:Paddington 5.pngFile:Paddington 6.pngFile:Paddington 7.png
File:Paddington 8.pngFile:Paddington 9.pngFile:Paddington Bear.png
File:Paddington Celebrates.pngFile:Paddington Region 2 DVD Cover.jpgFile:Paddington Strikes A Bargain.png
File:Paddington bear film poster.jpgFile:Paddington does the Tango.pngFile:Paddington in his Oil Slicks.png
File:Paddington leaving underground.pngFile:Paddington near Sauna.pngFile:Pugs.jpg
File:Sandwich on Plate.pngFile:Sandwiches on Plate.pngFile:Sankaski.png
File:Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.23.15 pm.pngFile:Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.23.25 pm.pngFile:Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.31.08 pm.png
File:Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.31.17 pm.pngFile:Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.45.03 pm.pngFile:Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.45.06 pm.png
File:Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 8.51.55 pm.pngFile:Spilled Jar of Marmalade.pngFile:Title Card.png
File:Wellington Boots.pngFile:Wiki-wordmark.png

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