Aunt Lucy is Paddington's aunt and Pastuzo's wife. She and Pastuzo were found by an English explorer named Montgomery Clyde. She later cared for Paddington after his parents died when he was a cub. After Pastuzo died in an earthquake, she sent Paddington off to London while she resided in the Place for Retired Bears in Darkest Peru. Paddington often writes to her about his new family in London.

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Lucy, talking with Pastuzo, finds a young bear in the river where the bridge they are sitting on is located. The couple rescues him, a process where Pastuzo looses his hat and if falls into the hands of Paddington who eats the marmalade sandwich inside.

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Aunt Lucy and Paddington hug

Paddington's Dream

In one of Paddington's dream, Lucy appears and hugs him in the pop-up book her adoptive son wanted to give her for her 100th birthday.

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