A spot of fishing
A Spot of Fishing is the eighth episode of the Paddington Bear TV Series.


It all starts out with Paddington on the French Coast in his pair of oil slicks. Paddington is going fishing off the French Coast with Mr. Gruber and his friend Admiral Grundy.

They leave out on the boat into the sea to fish. Paddington fails at every job he is challenged with. He even gets tied to the main sail after he ties a rope around his oil slicks to hold them up.

The next job Paddington faces is untangling the fishing nets because he tangled them. He throws the net and catches something; Admiral Grundy and Mr. Gruber. He next tries fishing with a line to catch fish, Paddington gets his hook on something and he pulls. He keeps pulling then gets lifted out of the air because he caught a fishing net full of fish. The fished are dumped out and Mr. Gruber catches Paddington.

Because of all the fish they caught Admiral Grundy treats them to lunch on an island off the coast. Admiral tells Paddington to tie up with Paddington thinking he means tie his rope belt. Paddington was suppose to tie up the boat and the boat goes adrift leaving them stranded. They plan to spend the night.

Paddington tries to help set up the tent. Paddington doesn't know how so he just starts doing things and Paddington catches Admiral Grundy in the tent and it is now tied around a tree. Then somebody comes to rescue them, Mr. Gruber and Paddington leave forgetting about Admiral Grundy. Admiral Grundy gives Paddington his tent because he says "He will never be able to sleep in it again."